Let’s take a trip to the Windy City


Who says you can’t skip class and go to Chicago?!

Well, most would advise not to miss school.  Especially the week before finals. In my case, however, it was entirely necessary in order to obtain my student visa to move to Madrid in a couple weeks.

I have been receiving many questions about the Visa application process lately.  If you are planning on studying abroad, my best advice is to check the requirements for the specific country you are planning on visiting.  Some countries don’t require a visa at all!   Some might require one, and it is as simple as applying for a passport.  There are also trickier countries like Spain, that require you to attend an in-person appointment at the Consulate.  For Spain, the consulates most convenient for Midwestern residents are in Chicago and Houston.

Since I will be a studying and renting an apartment in Spain, a 6 month Visa was necessary.  During dead-week, my dad and I hopped on a plane for a quick one-day trip to the Windy City.

The Consulate was located right across from the Bean on Michigan Avenue.  In all honesty, I expected the Consulate to be some grand, Spanish-bleeding building with tight security, heavy traffic and gaudy Spanish decor.  To my disappointment, it was a mere white room on the 13th floor of a random office building.  It housed 15 folding chairs and 3 little service windows. There was a TINY framed picture of the current King and Queen on the wall. That was about it.

I mean come on, a flag or crest or something would have been a nice touch.

The appointment took a whopping 15 minutes, if even that. My dad and I managed to grab coffee, visit the Bean, shop, eat lunch, go up in the Willis Tower and bop around the city the rest of the day.  We headed back to Kansas City that evening. I definitely underestimated the amount of things I could do in Chicago in one day.bean1

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