The Royal Celebration


Life is too short not to have a spontaneous adventure, right?!

As a born-and-raised Kansas City girl, it was extremely difficult not being in my hometown during “blue oKCtober” when the Royals dominated the World Series.

I grew up bleeding blue.  I grew up attending several games each year, even when the Royals were painful to watch and couldn’t score a run.  For a short while, I even had a small crush on KC’s mascot Slugger the lion.

Being at Oklahoma State without a car, going home for a weekend trip is nearly impossible.  This semester, my only planned trip to go home was for Thanksgiving.

A couple days after the Royals won the World Series Title, Kansas City had planned a homecoming-type parade for the players and city to celebrate the big win.

My mom sent me a text the day before the celebration.  She was excited that all Kansas City metro schools had been cancelled in order for all KS residents to attend the parade.

Without hesitation, I ran around my sorority and tried to recruit a couple friends to make a spontaneous trip to Kansas City for a night.  I luckily had 2 friends agree.

We left an hour and a half later.  All in all, the trip ended up being 28 hours.  9 of those hours included driving.

20 hours in Kansas City was just enough to bop around downtown, celebrate with nearly 900,000 other loyal Royals and consume some of the world’s best barbecue.

In college I have figured out that not having a plan is the best plan.  Skipping class for a single day to celebrate history is worth it.  Making memories with my friends was so much more worthwhile than a boring lecture in Econ.

As long as you don’t make a habit of it.

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