Bonne fête

  I, for sure, am a lover of birthdays.  I love the feeling of giving a thoughtful gift that they will never forget! However, being in a sorority at a large university, I get overwhelmed by the amount of birthdays that occur in a week.  If I had a bottomless bank account and excessive amounts of free time, I would without-a-doubt invest in picture-perfect birthday accessories, such as the most adorable cards from Rifle Paper Company or Sugar Paper Los Angeles.

To save a pretty penny from going birthday-wild, I had to come up with a cheaper but still extravagant alternative.  For my birthday, I love love LOVE handmade cards.  Knowing this, it helped me come up with the idea of a massive birthday card.  For my friends’ birthdays, I buy a large poster board from Hobby Lobby, Walmart or Michaels and fold it in half.

In the photo above, I created a card for my sorority “Little” for her birthday on September 11th.  I painted “Bonne fête” which means “Celebrate!” in French.  I decorated the card with paint in a pretty floral design inspired by Rifle Paper Company.

Another card I have made in the past was for my friend’s high-school graduation.  He was continuing his education and bowling career at Webber International University.  For his card, I folded the poster board in half and cut the board in the shape of a bowling pin.

I must say these cards look magnificent sitting next to the other store-bought Hallmarks.  Or at least I like to think so.


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