Home is where the Heart is


One of the best ways to step out in this world is with your heart on your sleeve…literally.  I fell in love with these graphic tees last fall when Kansas City pride took over the Earth.  “Blue October” took the city by storm when the Royals made the World Series.  Every KC native bought their favorite colors of Charlie Hustle Shop Tees and Sandlot Goods.  Products made in Kansas City became the biggest trend, and biggest fashion statement.

My favorite part about this shirt is the community and fellowship it creates.  When I walk around campus, I love hearing a “go Royals” exclaimed when passing by other Kansas-Citians.  In Stillwater, Oklahoma it is the perfect connecter among myself and other KC kiddos.  It also works as a conversation starter about my hometown with kids from across the map.  This gray piece of cotton has served as an incredible networking tool and never fails to embrace me with a little piece of home.

Here at school I found home in my sorority Kappa Alpha Theta.   I believe that since I found this home I have been changed for the better.  I found friends like Britton that encourage me each day and believe in me more than I believe in myself.  They make me more confident to be myself and pursue the things I love.  My successes are their successes and vice versa. The picture above is of my roommate (Britton) and I slightly matching on the way to church.  We bond greatly over our love for clothes, art, making our beds, adventure and Europe.  We both look forward to our experiences studying abroad  in Madrid and France.

The Lord has lead me on a path, and I have left my heart in various locations along the way.  Mine is scattered among my hometown and family of Kansas City, my friendships in Stillwater and the adventure and opportunity that awaits in Madrid.  I have come to realize that home is not a physical location for me.  It is the relationships and adventure created in each one.  


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