When Life Hands you Lemons..


homemade lemonade in mason jars to make it fun and festive

We added frozen strawberries, raspberries and blackberries for color and flavor!

Drumroll please, for the most summery day of the year! A dear friend of mine and I decided to take a quick break out of a hectic day of being a college student.  The perfect excuse? National Lemonade Day! In order to be conscious of the infamous freshman fifteen, or how we like to say this year, the sophomore sixteen, we decided to spare the time, money and calories of a restaurant lemonade by making our own festive drinks!

This lemonade “tea-party” was close to free, because we found all necessary materials laying around our sorority house.  We found Crystal-Light zero calorie lemonade packets, mason jars, frozen fruit and cute straws to brighten up the typical yellow drink. We also managed to scrounge up some pretty pink-and-white striped napkins left over from Bid Day which were the perfect complement.

Sipping on these cute homemade-drinks on the porch felt so much more special than going out, purchasing a drink and finishing it on the car ride home.  I was able to enjoy sitting on the porch, seeing good friends coming in and out of the house and engage in good conversation with my good friend Britton. I felt more energetic and excited about the rest of the day because of this little unknown holiday called National Lemonade Day.

***(If you happen to be out and about and have sufficient time to spend on a porch, I highly recommend Chik-fil-A’s Frosted Lemonade!

****(National Lemonade Day is August 20th of every year!)

***** Check out Real Simple for more lemonade recipes!


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